How do you keep your creative edge alive and growing ?

It's a question we're always pondering on.

We're innately creative as human beings. Expanding our expressive palette and potential is fundamental to our ongoing growth. And the potential for growth never ends. And yet...

It's so easy to lounge around in our comfort zones. Doing what we know. What we've done. What's easy.

Sometimes all we need to do is nudge ourselves a little closer to the edge. To actively take one step closer to that liminal and exciting place where new possibilities come to life. Our courses take you there...

Vongai Pasirayi. Architect. Jo'burg SA ~ "A reviving and confidence building process which opened up my mind to a world of alternative and dynamic design possibilities and design tools. I feel released from a static approach to design and awakened to a meaningful exploration of form and ideas. I am confident once again to use sensitivity and non conventional methods to arrive at creative solutions."

Sonja Neitz. Architect. Pretoria SA ~ “ I cannot stress enough, the positive impact this master class has had on our office, and can highly recommend it to anyone – it is money well spent.”

Felipe Sotta. Architect. Santiago, Chile ~ " This course exceeded my expectations. We learnt techniques to understand and document surfaces and then integrate that with a feeling understanding of those forms. It was a much deeper way of understanding the subject. "

Pelasha Buzuzi. Architect. Jo'burg SA ~ " This workshop cultivates self-awareness as well as personal and professional growth. It reminded me of the basics that I often forget and overlook. I left the workshop with a refreshed mind and clear perspective as to what my goals are and most importantly, ready to enjoy my career! "


NaturalsCool is a creative
design school that offers Wildly Disciplined Courses to Architects and Designers on how to plan & construct sculptural buildings.

You'll leave feeling fresher, sharper and more creatively flexible.


Module 1 ~ Over the Edge

Module 2 ~ Polarities

Going over your WILD Edge ~ November 2015


How do you keep your creative edge alive and growing ?

Thinking about humanness and creativity...

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