Case Study: SNAPP Architects

It is with great pleasure, that I would like to share our experience of the NaturalsCool, Going over the Edge course with you.

SNAPP Architects has always believed in collaboration and that 1 + 1 = 3.

We started in 1998 with a team of two, and are now growing year on year, with individuals from different backgrounds, ages and education. As time went by, we realised that design collaboration of the diverse viewpoints in the office, resulted in a unique and far greater end product.

When the Naturals Cool 'Going over the Edge' course was advertised, we thought it a great idea for our complete design team to attend, in order to strengthen this thought process. And we achieved much more than anticipated.

GOTE enabled us to re-examine the fundamentals of design. We were able to develop a process, whereby our diverse ways of thinking could be grounded in a universal design language. Through analysing the process, we could understand how to discover and encourage creative thought, and to contribute to the process, rather than oppose to a point of distress, and take a leap of faith to GO OVER THE EDGE.

This has led to great inspiration, creativity & harmony in the office, and designs that would have not been explored and implemented otherwise.

It is now not strange for us, to take out our juggling balls before coffee in the morning, or walk bare foot through the office (amongst other things), to fuel the creative juices. We are able to tread lighter on the designs and ideas of others, enabling more creativity, understanding and fun. Words like “if it were mine…”, “happy accident”, and discussions on how to set out organic shapes on site, frequent our dialogue, and lead to a great deal of thought, as well as laughter.

Paper models (sometimes very flamboyant in shape and size) have become a usual phenomenon in the office, and we have now also switched over to a 3D computer design & draughting programme, with great results.

I cannot stress enough, the positive impact this master class has had on our office, and can highly recommend it to anyone – it is money well spent. We would definitely encourage design teams to attend this course together, as the synergy developed during the programme and afterwards, is well worth it.

We eagerly await the next module, and we will definitely all be attending.

With great appreciation,
Sonja Neitz.

From left to right... Jané, Clare, Bruce and Sonja from Snapp Architects based in Gauteng, South Africa