Wildly Disciplined Courses for Architects and Designers

How to design elegant sculptural buildings
that give others a deeper sense of meaning in their lives

We up-skill creative individuals to design with flat, single and doubly curved surfaces in unexpected ways.
This includes experiencing how your inner psychological landscape and your outer architectural landscape mirror each other. And how to work with these insights for the benefit of others.

We don't teach a 'particular style' but an integrated approach to designing that gives you the possibility of seeing yourself and the world in a deeper way. We cultivate a non-critical atmosphere which sees creative vulnerability as a strength.

We cultivate an artistic process where you do first and reflect later. Your work is then sourced from a place in you that lies deeper than your intellect. You can then access a wisdom and vitality that nourishes you in a heartfelt way.  Work done in this way is subtle, genuinely original and  breath taking. 

The outcome is you'll become more talented and skilled at expressing yourself through your work. Your scope of expression will widen. And you'll be able to share what really matters to you with others.

Our experience-based learning content is done on your own, in pairs, in triplets and in facilitated groups. You'll be sketching, bending, twisting, sculpting models, discussing, laughing, reflecting...  The activities will engage your hands, heart and head in an integrated way. The courses are mentally stimulating, socially interactive and practically grounded.   

You'll feel fresher, sharper and more creatively flexible.

For years we've motivated others to practice their art in an inspirational way. And we invite you to join our growing community. If you want a course in your universe send us a crop circle...otherwise select your course now.

Module 1 ~ Over the Edge 

This 3 day course is an ideal introduction to sculptural design. It adds a new dimension to your creative palette, which you'll discover is enormously liberating. Our approach is unique, and supplements university education. We've compacted decades of experience into a concentrated course that gives you a shortcut to becoming more expressive and personally fulfilled in your everyday work.

(6 CPD credits)

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Module 2 ~ Polarities

Follows hot on the heels of Over the Edge. An engaging three day course that snaps you out of automatic pilot in your design process and your personal life. Highlighting where your own unique creative growth points are, waiting to come to life…

(6 CPD credits)

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Going over your WILD Edge

This six day course for design professionals in the Towerland wilderness retreat will sharpen your design senses and creative capacity. Amplify your awareness of what engenders aliveness in your designs...

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