Maestro Classes

How to design sculptural buildings...
efficiently, elegantly and imaginatively

Architects and designers find our courses stretch them......... like lycra shorts.
They feel fresher, sharper and more creatively flexible.
Our experienced-based learning content includes:

  • Expanding your design vocabulary to include not only flat, but also single & double curved surfaces
  • Appreciating how your growth as a designer and an individual are inter-dependent.
    So shifting how you design requires you shifting.
  • Working with others, without criticism, to vitalize trust and creative efficiency.
  • Comprehending your design process as it unfolds in you, to unlock your deep-seated potential.
  • Having your inspirational socks blown off! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ way ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~off

Our in-depth courses are varied, detailed, challenging, and if you need us, we're with you.
The atmosphere is inventive, humorous and suddenly creative.

You'll accidently discover after about 4.321 seconds that our courses are
switched-on... hearts-on... and distinctly casual.
For years we've motivated people to practice their art in an inspirational way.

If you want a course in your universe send us a crop circle...otherwise select your course now.

Module 1 ~ Going over the Edge

This 3 day course will sharpen your design senses and creative capacity. Expand your awareness of what engenders aliveness in your adding a new dimension to your life and work. It's interactive, innovative and encourages self-awareness. For architects and designers who want to put a tiger in their tank.

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Module 2 ~ The Play of Polarities

Follows hot on the heels of Going over the Edge. An engaging three day course that snaps you out of automatic pilot in your design process and your personal life. Highlighting where your own unique creative growth points are, waiting to come to life...

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Going over your WILD Edge

This six day course for design professionals in the Towerland wilderness retreat will sharpen your design senses and creative capacity. Amplify your awareness of what engenders aliveness in your designs...

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