Module 1 ~ Over the Edge

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4, 5 & 6 April 2019 Johannesburg, South Africa R5950 Register
2, 3, & 4 May 2019 Cape Town, South Africa R5950 Register

 This short intensive gives you a solid introduction to designing sculptural buildings, interiors and environments.

This three day hands-on experience will have you designing outside the box in a way that is practical, beautiful and imaginative.

Whatever your skill level, your abilities will be stretched like lycra shorts. Naturals cool is not an air conditioning company but we'll give you a blast of creative fresh air, which will up your game. We don't teach a 'style of design', that will go out of fashion, but an attitude and approach to design that will last a life time.  

Design from the heart.  Your work can sparkling with freshness when you integrate curved and flat surfaces into one dynamic form of expression. And when you improvise with hands-on models designing from your feelings is immediately accessible.
Design without criticism. Take the opportunity to be really creative in a non-critical atmosphere that is expressive, social and insightful.
Who you are colours how and what you design. Your growth as a designer and as a person are mutually connected. Nurturing both in tandem adds substance to what you can share with others through your works.

‘ Naturals Cool have introduced a whole new quiver to my design lexicon in a manner that was educational, inspirational and fun. It gave me the opportunity to delve into myself and rediscover my passion for the design process, which I haven’t felt for a long while.' Brian Glaser, Architect and film set designer, Cape Town, South Africa

Some of your take aways

  1. You’ll begin to integrate curved surfaces into rectilinear designs through understanding the fundamental ABC’s of form.
  2. You’ll experience how designing with physical models, real surfaces and volumes, is the key factor when creating beautiful sculptural buildings.
  3. You’ll think with your hands to directly access fresh ideas.
  4. You’ll discover practical ways of being uniquely innovative without blowing the budget.
  5. You’ll learn the 5 invaluable techniques and 3 advanced techniques we use to ensure our innovative designs are accurately built.
  6. You’ll touch the nerve of what motivates you personally which will focus you to produce your most inspired work.
  7. You’ll instantly increase the effectiveness of your design discussions to become a reliable source of creative ideas.
  8. You’ll see why designing with refined feelings is essential to making your buildings timeless.You’ll come to a deeper understanding of what your practice is about.

‘ More inspirational than five years at university! ' Adam Van Nieuwenhuizen, Landscape Architect, South Africa

Who should do this course ?

If you’re experienced and want ready access to bright ideas. We know what it’s like working under pressure where minutes matter and ‘copy-and-pasting’ standard solutions can work but you’ve overworked them.

Over the Edge can help you convert stale bread into freshly baked, which immediately sparkles up your working day even if you’re gluten intolerant.

If you’re designing on your own and want a blast of fresh air. Naturals Cool is not an air conditioning company, but it’ll keep giving you an air of confidence and ways to refresh your ideas.

If you’re designing with a group or partner and want to guarantee your working atmosphere is consistently positive, effective, and wackadoos.

If you want to design something out of your ordinary and need a foot up. It appears complex and you believe you need years more experience. Naturals Cool will give you the skills and insights you need for that first audacious step into innovative freedom.

If you’re already outside the box, yay
, and are ready to go further, Over the Edge is where you want to be. We’ll take you to a new level of daring and refinement that challenges you in ways you never expected.

If you’re looking to fashion your work into a ‘self reflective practice’ where you can deepen the connection between your self-awareness and your creative capacity, then Over the Edge is an ideal place to be.

Who shouldn’t do this course ?

If you need CPD credits desperately but have no real interest in the subject.

If you are comfy with what you are doing and don’t want to stretch yourself at all.

If ‘pure forms’ such as cubes, rectangles and cylinders are your exclusive interest and exploring other options is not something that intrigues you then Over the Edge won’t benefit you.

' It’s probably one of the best architecture courses I have been on to date. It has really taken me out of my comfort zone and nudged me to look at the way I’m doing things from a new perspective. For that alone I find this course to be priceless.' Werner van der Meulen, Architect, Jo’burg, South Africa

Sounds amazing, but is it worth the time and money ?

If you don’t have the time, take note, this course will save you time in the middle and long term, and part of the course happens over the weekend.

If your family needs you its valuable time out to reflect and improve how you see yourself, your family life and your work.

If you’re pressed for money, don’t forget your ability to come up with great designs and communicating them clearly is your biggest asset. The cost of the course is about the same as you spend on coffee or drinks in the year, maybe less. There’s that old saying, ‘If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.’

If you’re deciding what to spend your money on, remember investing in growing your abilities will give you improved financial and personal returns. Improving your earning capacity now is the best long term investment with immediate returns that you can ever make.

Who's facilitating ?

Keith Struthers.
Read more about me.

Do I earn CPD credits ?

Absolutely. Over the Edge has been assessed and validated by the South African Institute of Architects. The three day workshop is validated as a Category One CPD activity and you’ll earn 6 CPD credits.

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