Module 2 ~ Polarities

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Why you'll thrive after identifying your creative GrowthPoints?

They are the key places where your creativity can next expand from.
And they are unique to you.

Your character, your way, your designstyle and your hairstyle.

We’ll take you to the place in yourself where you can discover your GrowthPoints.

There are a few real gems that will have the biggest impact and most long term benefits along your growth path. It’s these that you’ll find on the course.

‘ I can strongly recommend this module. It opened my mind to a new way of thinking about design and the way I respond to my clients, family and personal life. It will bring you to a totally new level of thinking about the way you do things now ‘ Pieter van der Walt , Architect, Jo’burg, South Africa

So, what exactly is Polarities?

We’ll look at the distinctiveness of how and what YOU create. And place your unique approach in the context of age old polarities that find expression through us as designers and human beings.

Why Polarities ? A great deal of LIFE and VIBRANCY in our world emerges out of the play of polarities.

Between stillness and movement, we find rhythm, between sleeping and waking, we dream, between night and day the sun rises, between women and men, children are born, between birth and death we live our lives.

All design comes alive between polarities.

Between pragmatism and inspiration, wildness and discipline, curves and straights, masculinity and femininity, softness and strength, gravity and levity, static and dynamic forms, focussed thinking and spontaneity.

When you can see where you are NOW in this spectrum between opposite poles, you’re empowered to bring dynamism and growth to your unique way of designing.Your Growth-points show themselves.

It’s a bit like walking up to the top of a prominant mountain in a landscape of rolling hills. Once you can see into the distance and all around you, you know where you are and can chart out your next steps with clarity and conviction.

‘ Another wildly, inspiring journey. A playful holiday out of my box. It is so much, much more than just being about architecture. It’s a whole inner, outer journey into being human- a key to transformation. ' Julie Philips, Architect, Cape Town, South Africa
Naturalscool participants at play

What will you leave inspired with ?

  • How to engage all your senses in the creative process, through using a range of mediums.
  • An experience of how the different sides of your brain influence how you see the world and design. And how to have a more fulfilling life by balancing your one-sidedness.
  • Why giving yourself licence to play with the wisdom of your wacky side is fundamental to finding your individual expressiveness.
  • How to confidently introduce drama and vivacity into your designs by grasping the essential principles of stillness and movement in form.
  • Identify ‘one sided’ tendencies in your life and opportunities for greater joy by valuing the other side.
  • Why expressing our femininity as a designer is so critical for men, women and you.
  • How to simply and beautifully integrate curved and straight elements in your designs.

  • Essential principles you’ll need to know to design forms that blow you and your clients socks off with their elegance, vibrancy, fluidity, beauty and dynamite.
  • Learn how to design out of movement to create forms that inspire a sense of aliveness.
  • Identify an emerging talent you have, that when nourished will significantly deepen the quality of your life.
  • How a sprinkling of spontaneity peppered over your logical designs spices them up with extra warmth and flair.
  • How to significantly fine tune the quality of your designs through introducing complimentary opposites to your creative work.
  • Gather the creative experiences and insights experienced during the course and weave them into a practical plan of daily action, which gives you the lasting relevance the course ought to have for you.
‘ Keith and Shannon have again delivered an enthralling three days of food for my architectural world. The themes discussed and thoughts shared challenge the known and reveal the unexpected. Through the dialogues, interactions and content, I am left with a toolbox for the hereafter.' Jarrod Schlemmer, Architect , Durban, South Africa

How is this course different to module one ?

Compared to Module One our approach is similar, but the content is completely freshly baked and will melt your butter. No rehashing of Over the Edge !

We’ll be deepening and refining what we started to explore in module one, using techniques you learnt in the first module as well as brand new ones.

We’ll be expressing ourselves through role playing, moving our bodies, animated discussions and creative modelling in a variety of mediums.

Musicians learn the ‘theory of music’ to strengthen their skills while composing.
We’ll be diving deeper into the theory of frozen music, the ‘theory of form’ to refine your form making capacities.

‘ Module Two is a gentle exploration of polarities in architecture and life. This course is an excellent way to reignite the art in architecture ‘ Karen Trieloff, Architect, Jo’burg, South Africa

When and where is it ?

Polarities is currently offered in Brazil and South Africa.

In Brazil, we host the course on the gorgeous island of Ilhabela, just 3 hours away from São Paulo.
See it as a educational retreat experience. You’ll be spending time in beautiful, lush, peaceful surroundings. Time to slow down and dive into developing your capacities as a designer.

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