Grow your capacity to create as nature does. Talking water with Paul van Dijk and Keith Struthers

You’ll enjoy this free flowing discussion that touches the heart of the green movement.

The vitality of the planet, it’s very aliveness, is carried in the ever changing and pulsing flow of water - as it surges, eddies, whirls, and flows in the seas, in rivers, in plants and all living organisms.

Paul van dijk is a dutch sculptor, performer and designer of flow forms. Since 1990 he's been designing dynamic sculptural forms to revitalise water. He offers workshops in Europe and Brazil for those interested in working with water in this invigorating way.

We’ll take you for a quick dip into the sculptural aliveness of flowing water. And the challenge we face as designers to access the laws implicit in nature.

This is critical to our long term sustainability. To develop the capacity to create as nature creates.

Not to simply copy natural shapes, but to originate designs and forms employing the same principles as nature.

As you know, the flowing dynamic of water cannot be frozen, neither in reality nor in our thinking. To co-create with nature, to design for aliveness, we need to vitalise our thinking, bring it into movement and animate our imagination.

So after listening to this talk, take a moment to ask yourself this ...

Do you have an adventurous, childlike curiosity for the world of form that surrounds you ?

Paul's flowform designs encourage water to flow in it's most vital, rhythmic form

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