Crafting your life-Talking hands on with Colin Rock and Keith Struthers

You’ll enjoy this chiseled discussion, touching the heart of the crafter. Colin speaks of the importance of not only what you craft and how you craft it, but also how it crafts you. How your daily activity is the workshop for your own development as an individual.

Colin Rock is a celebrated South African craftsman and artisan, with rich and varied experience in a number of mediums. He's a master guitar maker, experienced jeweller and builds exquisite custom designed furniture with Andy de klerk at Cabinetworks, using time-honoured joinery techniques.

Our discussion with Colin gives you a viceral sense of the life of a guitar maker turned kitchen cabinet maker. The ideas still have the sweet scent of saw dust settling around them. How the battle with yourself as a crafter arises every time you take up a tool and begin the journey of transforming the rough into refined, the stagnant into flowing, clumsy into finessed.

The crafters discipline naturally filters into their everyday lives. And it’s no different to how you and I ply our own crafts, where how we do what we do, shapes us, quietly and gradually over time.

So pause for a moment… and think about how your craft shapes your way of being?

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