Vital forms - talking ceramics with Kate Malone and Keith Struthers

Listen to this audio discussion (above) with a vibrant London ceramicist who also creates with Architects.

Kate Malone is an internationally acclaimed ceramicist whose work has been exhibited in over a hundred solo and group exhibitions from London to Miami , New York and Japan.

Kate's enthusiasm for the life force in nature, that which animates the growth of plants and the coming to fruit, gives her works a feeling of vitality and warmth. Her work stimulates us to feel more alive and emotionally connected.

The shapes of Kate's colourful pots and sculptures stand out in strong contrast to those of most buildings. Hers are vital and curvilinear, almost bursting with life. Her process is spontaneous, full bodied and hands-on, moulding and firing clay in the studio.

In contrast, most buildings are sculpturally flat sided, rectangular and static. Designing buildings is generally a rational thought process done in ‘head’ offices on flat screens in tidy clothes.

Is it possible to find common sculptural ground where the clarity of the architectural process is combined with the crafters artistic spontaneity?

The result will be a whole building which has both flat and curved forms, not only juxtaposed as opposites, but integrated in a way that the flat surfaces sometimes gently and magically change into single or doubly curved surfaces. This will give us, as designers and inhabitants, a sense of both clarity and inner vitality.

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