Doron Shaltiel speaks about women crafting community

Listen to this uplifting story of how one woman's resourceful creativity has created a thriving business that a community of women and their families can depend on.

Doron Shaltiel from Quazi Design innovates with up-cycled waste paper magazines to create beautiful design pieces, jewellery, interiors and lighting. Based in Swaziland, all their products are hand made by local women empowering them through skill sharing and a living wage.

What really warms our hearts is the atmosphere that's created in their workshop. It's a therapeutic space where a community of artisans feel free to share their lives, grow friendships, care for each other in times of crisis and build their confidence as women who are now free to make their own choices through economic independence.

So, you might be wondering whether productivity and efficiency are possible in this workshop?
The evidence is in the thriving business with beautiful products exported worldwide meeting a growing demand.

So our question is - Is it worth compromising quality of life and human connections in the name of fast track production? Or can we find this healthy balance where community and richness of life are valued as much as the bottom line?

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