Forging your life's purpose - Nic Bladen talking with Keith Struthers

Listen to this motivating story of a sculptor who takes action on his insights.

Known for his remarkably intricate plant sculptures, Nic Bladen is an acclaimed South African jeweller and sculptor. His dream is to create complete libraries of plant sculptures, which preserve and record the biodiversity and beauty of different plant landscapes for future generations.

What's striking about Nic's biography is his passion and commitment to his life and work. His uniquely individual direction is founded on the absolute trust he invests in his sometimes fleeting yet intense insights. Followed by sustained effort and unwavering follow through. As a result, he's developed a unique practice with specialised skills.

It's a great reminder to be attentive to those signposts in life. The occasional insight that suddenly offers us a glimpse of what our future can look like.

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