Hello Wood are reshaping architectural education

Péter Pozsár, Orsi Janota and the core team from Hello Wood are reshaping architectural education as you read this. We spoke with them about their cutting edge approach and future visions. Have a listen to the inside story.

Students from around the globe connect, learn, laugh, party, create and explore a practical way of gaining knowledge and real experience; otherwise known as ‘experiential learning’ on the job.

© Tamás Bujnovszky

© Géza Talabér

Under the guidance of an experienced professional, student teams collaboratively create large timber installations. The studio masters come up with the original ideas, which are then developed and morphed collaboratively during construction.

© Anna Vághy & Jácint Kajetán

The steady growth and maturing over the years of their week-long Summer University in the beautiful Hungarian countryside near Budapest is distinctly innovative. It can be described as an integrated life changing experience.

© Géza Talabér

© Anna Vághy

© Géza Talabér

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