Vernon Collis questions how we see and do things in the building industry

Vernon Collis tenaciously questions how we see and do things as architects and engineers. We spoke with him about his fierce and thorough inquiry of his own views and those of the building industry. Have a listen to the inside story....

Vernon Collis has developed an integrated design consultancy that specialises in resource efficient, sustainable design for developing countries. His multidisciplinary architectural and engineering practice works on projects throughout Africa.

His work aims to address some of the biggest challenges of our time, including resource depletion, the strong divide between rich and poor and the exponential growth of cities.

He does this by meeting the needs of not only the client, but also the local community, the local economy, the local ecology and the planet as a whole.

He believes that by asking deep questions, taking responsibility and doing something about it, we can live, design and build with purpose.

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