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We couldn't resist sharing more gem insights from our previous podcasts! An architect from Boulder, Colorado and a handcraft designer/ entrepreneur from Swaziland. Enjoy !

' One of the key roles that we as architects can play is to be the keepers of humanness '

David Barrett ~ " I believe that’s what we’re meant to do as architects, to create things that provide connection and joy and an experience of what’s around us, so that we become more human. In a world were we’re moving towards a singularity with computers and machines, and all the frightening possibilities of the future, to me one of the real roles that we as architects can play is the keepers of humanness. The real experiences of a living planet, a living community, a life living. " Listen to the podcast 35:43

' Without creativity I don't feel as alive '

Doron Shaltiel ~ "For me, life has meaning when it's shared with other people. It really is all about the community. Not just economically, but also spiritually and on a personal level if you do things together you have much more impact. Without creativity I don’t feel as alive, I don’t feel like I’m meeting my potential. I simply feel empowered by having that space to be creative." Listen to the podcast 25:58

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