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How do you keep your creative edge alive and growing ?

It's a question we're always pondering on.

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Hello Wood are reshaping architectural education

Péter Pozsár, Orsi Janota and the core team from Hello Wood are reshaping architectural education as you read this.

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The art of upcycling – talking innovation with Thomas Dambo and Keith Struthers

You’ll enjoy listening to the unique humour and creativity of this Danish street artist.

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Crafting your life-Talking hands on with Colin Rock and Keith Struthers

You’ll enjoy this chiseled discussion, touching the heart of the crafter.

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Are you moved when nature moves?

Do you get excited when a flock of birds swirl overhead like a whirling wind or a wave elegantly folds over itself as it nears the shoreline? If you’re like me, you also pause… to absorb the sheer grace and beauty of Nature as it comes to life..

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Tables with a twist

We couldn't wait to share this artist's work with you.Michael Beitz has a passion for twisting and bending domestic furniture into imaginative artworks..

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